[sf-lug] Disturbing behavior by political fringes

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Thu Mar 25 19:51:59 PDT 2010

Hi Team,

Last weekend, anti-health care protesters were out in force in
Washington--and the behavior of too many was deeply disturbing
as you have heard about on this list.

They shouted racist and homophobic epithets at lawmakers. And since the
vote, Democrats who voted for the legislation have received death
threats, their offices have been vandalized, and a gas line was cut at a
house that tea parties mistakenly believed belonged to Rep. Tom Perriello.

	Families have been threatened as well

Republican leaders continue to embrace the tea parties, though, and
aren't publicly condemning the hate and violence--instead treating these
events as "isolated incidents."

I just added my name to a letter to the leaders of the Republican Party
telling them that they need to unequivocally condemn the bigotry and
violence immediately. Will you join me?

	I told them that the bible says that those who sow the wind reap the
whirlwind which
means I pity the Republican party if it continues to deal with the
chaotic forces it has



	Bobbie Sellers

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