[sf-lug] wikis & spam? (Another GNU-Linux school in San Francisco)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 21 15:38:39 PDT 2010

Well, most wikis have various anti-spam capabilities.  Thus far - it's
been a couple of years now (apparently since 2007-03-06T14:56:10-0800)
that SF-LUG/BALUG has mostly had a dokuwiki wiki available on the web,
and as far as I'm aware, thus far no spam.  I think even BALUG's legacy
wiki had little or no problems with spam - at least in most of the last
years when it was operational - I'm not so sure about earlier history.

E.g. dokuwiki can be set so only registered users can add/modify
content.  It can also be set so that registrations must be "approved".
It also has some apparently useful tools for backing out spam changes
(e.g. apparently back out changes that contain specified spam/URL/text
patterns).  One can also configure it so only certain users, or users
added to specific group(s) can modify certain pages/areas/namespaces.

Feel free to look around, etc., but thus far I believe there's no spam
there yet:

Now, ... I did not to long ago set the "playground" area so even
non-registered users can edit it ... but I also earlier set it so it
reverts to its original "base" content I set up after about 30 to 60
minutes of non-use.  I'd be rather surprised if no spam ever shows up
there ... but it would likely be rather automagically short-lived :-)

Quoting "Christian Einfeldt" <einfeldt at gmail.com>:

> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Michael Paoli <
> Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> Great stuff!
>> Perhaps you might want to put up some summary of (current, and past?)
>> projects with Linux in San Francisco schools, etc.  Might then be very
>> handy to be able to point folks to that - rather than (just?) emailing
>> summary bits about new and exisitng projects to list(s), etc.
> I do need to do more documentation.
> The problem w a wiki is spam.  One of my wikis actually collapsed due to
> spam.  I was just not able to keep up with it.  I lost a lot of data as a
> result.

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