[sf-lug] Concerning cheap USB hard drive

Elkhorn the_elkhorn at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 17:53:31 PDT 2010

Hi, all -

At last night's meeting, I mentioned a really cheap external 1 TB USB drive that I picked up at Fry's. Here's the poop on it (Note: I have no affiliation or any other relationship with
Fry's, SimpleTech or Hitachi - other than purchasing stuff from Fry's):

  SimpleTech 1 TB USB External Hard Drive, P/N R1000U
  I paid $59.99 (on sale, limited to 1 per customer); normal price is $99.99
  The drive in the enclosure is a Hitachi HT721010SLA360 drive.
  I've used one for over a year, with no problems. The second one is waiting
  in to the wings to assist with backups, etc.

I've seen them on sale at Fry's on and off over the last year or so.

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