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Chris Mason mason.christopher.thomas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 22:22:29 PST 2010


This is a shameless plug, but not one that is intended to make me or
anyone else money... It's about saving students at community college
(such as myself) money.

If anyone is attending College of Marin, or has friends who are,
please take a look at my latest pet-project:


Typically, College of Marin's official bookstore offers to purchase
books back from students at half of the new cost. They then mark the
book up, and sell it at a price between full and half.

For example, a $100 text book could be sold back to the school for
$50. The school can then sell that book to another student for $80,
thus securing a tidy $30 profit at the expense of two students.

Let's cut out that middle man.

Instead, what if one student offered to sell that same used book
directly to another student for $65? The first student gets $15 more
than the school would be willing to pay for it, and the second student
saves $15.

This website is intended to help facilitate that. The management of
this website (me) will not be taking a cut. All transactions will be
encouraged to be conducted on campus, face-to-face, and in cash.

The concept is similar to craigslist.org, except with a very specific
geographical and topical focus (used books and College of Marin).

This is the first 'public' announcement I've really made about this,
aside from a single fellow student at CoM.

Thanks for taking the time to give it a look!

Chris Mason
(_not_ the Oracle linux kernel developer Chris Mason, but the amateur
and uneducated "Masonux" ubuntu respin Chris Mason. =)

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