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>   exciting! thanks for the news.
>   does anyone know of efforts to promote open
> source software to various departments and
> groups within city government?

Back in 2003, a number of us met with Willie Brown and his CIO to discuss
FOSS inside CCSF. Brown said that he was not opposed, as long as the CIO was
not opposed.  We had a subsequent meeting with the CIO about pilot projects
using OOo and Firefox in CCSF, and he said that we needed to go before the
Committee On Information Technology (COIT).  I called and called the woman
who was then responsible for scheduling appearances before COIT, and never
got a call back, so I dropped it, and switched my focus to schools.  We now
are supporting 4 San Francisco schools with FOSS.  Anyone who wants to help,
we could use the help of someone who wants to adopt a school and show up
there on a weekly basis to get to know the teachers and visit them to see if
they need help.

It has been my experience that teachers are so busy and so neglected that
they don't reach out for help until something is utterly broken.  The point
of visiting teachers regularly is to suggest ways to grow FOSS use in
classrooms.  Just showing up is a huge, huge plus in their eyes.  We could
particularly use help with a school on Potrero Hill, if anyone lives down in
that area, or would be willing to drive there.

c u
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