[sf-lug] [FSF.org] Defective by Design protest of the latest DRM'ed Apple product [SF, January 27th, 9:45am-1pm]

Usr Bin Sh usr.bin.sh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 15:25:03 PST 2010

Update 2010-01-25: We will be meeting outside the Theater at 8:30am
(Wednesday 27th), and will go until at least 10:30am. Stay tuned to
http://identi.ca/dbd for updates and coordination.

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 4:35 PM, Usr Bin Sh <usr.bin.sh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's forward from FSF (hope I'm not duplicating similar message!)
> Regards!
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> Pavel
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> Next week we have two great opportunities for free software activists to
> get out and make a difference.
> Washington, DC
> Tuesday, January 26th 8:45am-10:45am
> ITIF, 1101 K Street, Washington, DC 20005, Suite 610
> Help us counteract misinformation! Anti-commons pundit Milton Mueller
> will give a speech on "info-communism" and what he thinks is wrong with
> free software -- we want volunteers on hand with literature to educate
> attendees about what free software really is and why user freedom is
> critical for a free society.
> Please send a note to campaigns at fsf.org to let us know you're coming!
> San Francisco
> Wednesday, January 27th, 9:45am-1pm (times are approximate, we don't
> know how late this event will run yet)
> Yerba Buena Arts Center Theater in Downtown San Francisco
> Join us for a Defective by Design protest of the latest DRM'ed Apple
> product! Given Apple's history, the new product they're unveiling will
> undoubtedly impose DRM and restrict software freedom. We want to be on
> hand to educate attendees and passers-by, and to direct media attention
> to how Apple's plans impact user freedom.
> Please send a note to info at defectivebydesign.org to let us know you're
> coming!
> We'll announce more details in the coming days on defectivebydesign.org
> and http://identi.ca/group/dbd.
> Remember volunteering is even more fun when you do it with a friend, so
> bring someone with you!
> Thanks for supporting free software,
> John Sullivan

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