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Shawn Lewis shawnisalk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 23:40:12 PST 2010

I have heard that Thinkpads even under their new owners (Lenovo) continue to
be good, solid, reliable machines.
In addition, I am using an old Thinkpad (maxed out at 256Mb RAM) for a file
server and though it's old, I never have problems with it, nor did its
previous owner.



I'm needing to upgrade to a different laptop; I've been using a latitude CSx
for the past couple years. At that time a friend recommended a purchase of a
used thinkpad T42. I'm wondering if this would still be considered a good
choice. I have found a refurbished one nearby for $240. ( I should say I am
short on funds and I can afford this.) Will install Ubuntu of course.

Here is some info about it:
40GB Hard Disk Drive
1.7 GHz Processor
XGA 14" LCD Screen (1024x768 pixels resolution)
Built-in WiFi
1-inch thick
4.9 lbs


Ron Wellman"
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