[sf-lug] open source calendar out of date

travis at traviswellman.com travis at traviswellman.com
Mon Jan 18 18:35:19 PST 2010


I forget exactly how I came across this a few days ago. I think it was
while looking for OLPC info. This calendar lists SF-LUG meeting at Javacat
which doesn't exist. I'm currently sitting where it was, and I can't spot
any obvious LUs other than myself. Looks like you had a meeting on the
third... my bad for not doing the research.


or shortened if your text-only client wraps that


Anyway, Hi I'm Travis. I use Kubuntu for the work side of my home computer
use, dual booting with OSX on an iMac. When I spotted the above I thought I
might just saunter over and see if I can see what other OSS enthusiasts I
can find. Maybe next time. I'm also into Clojure and AI.


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