[sf-lug] sf-lug meets tonight, monday 20100118 6 PM

jim jim at well.com
Mon Jan 18 08:07:50 PST 2010

   SF-LUG meets tonight, monday, 20100118, from 6 PM 
to 8 PM (or so) at the cafe enchante on geary blvd at 
25th ave. 
   bring computers, questions, news, gossip.... 

   NOTE: if you have a commitment to support SF-LUG, 
either wrt meetings or the mailing list or the web 
site, please pipe up and volunteer for some aspect of 
maintenance or improvement. 
   also note that if you're out of work or at a 
less-than-senior skill level, working on SF-LUG system 
stuff adds to your resume and lets you collaborate 
with others, most of whom will know at least a little 
something you don't. 

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