[sf-lug] Asheesh Chopra's MLK day of service

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Sat Jan 16 11:01:33 PST 2010

> hi, 
> Asheesh Chopra's announcement for tech volunteerism:
> http://blog.ostp.gov/2010/01/15/demonstrate-a-technologist%E2%80%99s-spirit-of-generosity-on-martin-luther-king-day/
> Essentially, the US CTO Asheesh Chopra is trying to get people to volunteer for tech work in their communities.  He is kicking off his push on MLK day. 
> Unfortunately, the earthquake in Haiti totally scrambled his schedule, and so he just got this notice posted today.  
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Check out this program resulting from the Haiti crisis; I think a better way for tech to volunteer time and knowledge:


Note the one possible project "Building an open-source base layer map of Haiti that can be used by nongovernmental groups and others working in the country". 

Michael Paric
Computer Business Solutions

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