[sf-lug] Ubuntu Desktop PC Freezes - possible hardware problem?

Matthew Petty mjp at petty.me.uk
Wed Jan 6 12:33:35 PST 2010

I have a desktop machine running Ubuntu 9.04 which has been freezing, 
and sometimes not starting at all.

I press the power button, and sometimes the power and fan come on, but 
the machine doesn't boot.

Other times, the machine starts to boot, goes through grub fine, and 
then freezes on the Ubuntu logo screen.

If it gets past that, it tries to do a "Routine check of drives" but 
freezes during that, unless I skip it using Escape.

It it gets past all of those, it starts up, functions fine, connects to 
network, and so on, but then at a random point it will freeze.

When it freezes, the power button and reset button on the front don't 
work at all, so I have to flip the power supply switch on the back to 
turn it off.

I opened it up, checked the connections, cleaned out a little dust, but 
I can't see anything wrong. Any advice?


p.s. I'd bring it to Noisebridge tonight, but it's a tower case, and 
I'll be going straight there from work.

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