[sf-lug] Interest in VOIP & BerkeleyTIP-Global mtg at SFLUG? Jan 3 Sunday?

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Mon Dec 28 01:16:27 PST 2009

Friends, Francescoians, SFLUGgers

Hi SFLUGgers, & Jim, :)

Anyone there interested in learning about VOIP, &/or working on trying to join the global Linux via VOIP meeting, BerkeleyTIP-Global?

San Francisco is the city that is # 1 for hits on the BerkeleyTIP website - so someone(s) over there is interested in BTIP. :)

January being low student count over here, I was thinking I'd investigate moving the meeting to SanFran for once or twice this month.

SFLUG being the most active group for "get together meetings", ie without a speaker,  which is BTIPs basic format, I thought I'd ask yous all to see if anyone there would be interested in having me come by & bring the BTIP local & global meeting to one of your regularly scheduled weekend meetings (this Sunday Jan 3 is the next).

I could give a Howto get your VOIP working & join the global GNU(Linux), & All Free SW HW & Culture community global meetings.  Once you've got your hw & sw working, it should be easier for anyone to join the global meetings, from home or from a local meeting.

Interested persons should bring a laptop, voip headset, & way to get connected to the internet (ex, wifi).

Does your Sunday meeting location have inet access? wifi?  Is it voip capable (about 6KB/s, 60Kb/s per voip connection)?

I'm also gonna send an invitation like this to NoiseBridge & BALUG later, when I can make time to send it,  so those might be another chance for SFians to learn & try VOIP & BTIP. Perhaps on one of the Tues or Wed evening times for those groups.

VOIP info:
Mailing list:

Anyone in SFLUG interested in working on VOIP & joining BTIP this Sun, Jan 3, aprox 11A-3PM?

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