[sf-lug] NEXT WEEK: PenLUG meeting 12/10/2009

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Thu Dec 3 12:00:04 PST 2009


   |Date:    |Thursday, December 10, 2009                                   |
   |Time:    |6:00 - 8:00 PM                                                |
   |         |Bayshore Technology Park                                      |
   |Location:|1300 Island Drive                                             |
   |         |Redwood City, CA 94065                                        |
   |         |Suite 106 - Training Room                                     |
   |RSVP:    |Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=334887505530  |
   |         |or mail rsvp at penlug.org                                       |


     * 6:00 PM Free pizza arrives
     * 6:15 PM Free book giveaways or other prizes
     * 6:30 PM Presentation begins
     * 8:00 PM Meeting ends

  Hacker Dojo

   Hacker Dojo is one of the fastest growing hackerspaces in the world and is
   even getting attention from the mainstream media. But it's not the first
   of its kind. Hacker Dojo followed SuperHappyDevHouse, BarCamp, the
   coworking and hackerspace movements, but also the French Salons and early
   Royal Society meetings of the 17th century. These kinds of gatherings lead
   to intellectual revolutions and shift paradigms. So how do we encourage
   and support more of these? In fact, how far can we take it?

  David Weekly

   David Weekly started PBwiki (now PBWorks) in 2003 after working Legato,
   There.com, MIT Lincoln Labs, Harvard Physics, atWeb, and Stanford. He
   graduated as a President Scholar from Stanford with a BS in Computer
   Science. David is also a Founding Director of Hacker Dojo, an 8000+ square
   foot non-profit community center for innovation in Mountain View, with
   over 100 members. David enjoys philosophical debate, adventure, flying
   helicopters, bringing people together and mentoring entrepreneurs. He does
   not, however, like eggplant.

  Jeff Lindsay

   Jeff Lindsay is a systems thinking hacker-philosopher. Jeff co-founded
   SuperHappyDevHouse and Hacker Dojo, two iconic symbols of Silicon Valley
   culture. He also spearheaded the initiative for an event-driven
   programmable web by identifying and promoting the pattern of WebHooks,
   used by companies like Google, GitHub, PBworks, Socialtext and others.
   With dozens of new and ongoing projects, his motto is "always be
   shipping." Currently he is contracted by NASA to help build cloud
   computing infrastructure for the government.


  Although it is not required, we like to have an idea of how many
  people to expect, so if possible please email rsvp at penlug.org if you
  are planning to attend.


  For information on getting to the meeting, please see:

  Traffic on 101 can be pretty bad in the evening, so we encourage you
  to check traffic conditions before driving by dialing 5-1-1 on your
  phone or visiting www.511.org, and if possible to take public transit
  (best bet: bicycle via Caltrain) or carpool to this meeting.


  See www.penlug.org for more information.

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