[sf-lug] experienced tech. editor and sf-lug member seeking work

jim jim at well.com
Sun Nov 29 15:09:24 PST 2009

   matter of fact, yes, that and other things too, 
which brings me to: who'd like to help out doing 
what? there's regular sys adm stuff, web stuff, 
maybe managing the wiki, maybe some programmatic 
needs, willing and able to go to the spear street 
colo if need be, helping to get speakers for the 
once-a-month balug meetings in chinatown.... 
   for jobs that need sensitive passwords, we're 
hoping to limit the number of persons sharing 
such to three. "we" currently is michael paoli 
(on the balug side) and me (on the sf-lug side). 

On Sun, 2009-11-29 at 14:21 -0800, Michael Shiloh wrote:
> very happy to help. if you know any headhunters, might point that out to 
> them as well. i'm sure they already come to you for techy jobs.
> jim, worth doing on the sf-lug site?
> Bill Kendrick wrote:
> > On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 12:06:12PM -0800, Michael Shiloh wrote:
> >> "Linux enthusiasts come from many diverse backgrounds and careers, not 
> >> limited to the computer science field. A common quality is that they are 
> >> all highly self-motivated, dedicated, hard-working, and intelligent. If 
> >> you are looking for employees of this sort please consider letting us know.
> > 
> > Hey, I like. :)  Added to http://www.lugod.org/jobs/
> > 
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