[sf-lug] Potential GPL violation, with the potential intent to victimize our Elderly loved ones

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Nov 16 13:11:07 PST 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 10:57:19AM -0800, Jesse Zbikowski wrote:
> Here is a better example using a more characteristic medium for
> creative expression.  I make a movie called "Dr. Z Goes to OSCON".
> Rick watches it and says "That was OK but it needs more shots of Linus
> Torvalds in his Speedo." So he produces a "patch" or what we would
> call a "programmed re-edit", which consists of a list of timecodes
> pointing to various spots in the movie where nothing exciting is
> happening, and a set of clips to insert (which he owns) showing Linus
> in his Speedo. Again, the re-edit contains ONLY the timecodes and
> Rick's footage, NONE of the original film. Now if Rick tries to
> distribute his re-edit I can say "Hey, that's a derived work, you need
> my permission!" And Rick can say "No, I am not distributing any
> elements of your film, just a list of timecodes (which are not
> expressive) and some other footage I own." And a judge might say
> "Sorry Rick, what you have produced is not a standalone work; it's a
> modification of Jesse's work, so he can stop you from distributing
> it."

Acutally, the above sounds a _lot_ like the concept used by RIFFTRAX
(created by one of the folks who used to be part of
Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Just sayin'.  Back to ignoring email and doing work...


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