[sf-lug] an embarrassing question about partitions

Matthew Bye qrplife at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 06:58:54 PST 2009

Hi Jim,

I am not an expert at either filesystem but I've had some recent experience
trying to get drives to appear in Windows. Try Control Panel >>
Administrative Tools >> Computer Management >> Disk Manager - does the
partition appear in the disk manager? If so, can you assign a drive letter
to it?

Hope that helps.


On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 11:02 PM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:

>   i'm sorry to put this question to you, but
> i'm stuck. it has to do with linux, obliquely.
>   i was trying to put ubuntu on a dell inspiron
> 1545 laptop. i began by ensuring the windows cds
> were available, then i wiped out windows and
> reformatted the hard drive (...skipping some sad
> parts of the tale...) so that it had a 40GB
> partition for windows, a 30GB partition to have
> a vfat filesystem, then some partitions for
> ubuntu.
>   then i installed windows vista on the first
> partition.
>   then i installed ubuntu, formatting the
> second partition with VFAT, and putting the /
> on the third partition (and other stuff on other
> partitions. the idea is that the second partition
> should be visible to both windows and ubuntu.
>   it seemed to work: turn it on, the grub menu
> presents choices including ubuntu and windows
> vista. i chose ubuntu, all is well.
>  i restart and choose windows. windows shows
> the C: drive as well as a D:, E:, and F: drive,
> one each for DVD, CD, and USB.
>   the second partition on the disk, formatted
> with VFAT, intended to store files accessible by
> both windows and ubuntu, is not visible!
>   how to get windows to see the second partition?
> how to create a G: drive to access the second
> partition?
>   the answer is important, as the laptop owner
> had the idea to eliminate ubuntu entirely and
> revert the entire laptop to windows only.
> hopefully, with thanks,
> jim
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