[sf-lug] Broadcom 4322 WiFi finally working!

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 14:34:53 PST 2009

The Broadcom 4322 modem on my HP dv2 laptop was working up to kernel and Fedora 11, but all of a sudden it ground to a halt with    On, I was using a driver that I downloaded
from Broadcom's website along with a kernel patch the company

Litany of failures:
I spent a lot of time messing around with wl.ko and b43-fwcutter under
kernel 2.6.30.?? with nothing to show for it.

Happy ending:
Just today, I had another hack at it and was successful by installing
the broadcom-wl package from rpmfusion-nonfree.    Yes, all I did in
the end was "yum install broadcom-wl" and reboot.

I wouldn't say that the other methods won't work, but you can't beat
this one for simplicity.    Since my system state is less than
pristine at this point, I couldn't swear that some residue of one of
the other methods I tried didn't contribute to the final success.

Now on to pairing bluetooth stereo headphones  with the laptop!

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