[sf-lug] how to wifi a dell inpiron 1545 running ubuntu 9.04?

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 21:02:31 PDT 2009

> My last few wireless installs on Ubuntu9.04 were easily accomplished by
> 1)avoiding the bootstrapping issue and initially using a cable to get onto
> the internet and 2)install the b43_fwcutter package, which will offer to
> download the appropriate Broadcom driver.  If for some reason the download
> offer does not occur, then you may be able to deinstall the package and
> reinstall.

Disconnect the ethernet cable.  Once the b43_fwcutter package is installed,
the NetworkManager should automatically pick up whatever is needed, and you
should see the available wireless access points. Click on the one you want,
enter the key, and you should be connected.  A reboot may be necessary to
display all access points, but you may right click on the networkmanager
icon and under wireless, add a connection and enter the ap name and key.
Note, NetworkManager does everything but enter the key for you.  If you look
at the old manual connection info in /etc/networking/interfaces, it will
show nothing of interest.
P.S. I'm back in SF and hope to show up at some meetings.
Good Luck.

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