[sf-lug] CAS School Lab

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Sun Oct 18 18:43:55 PDT 2009

To all those who have helped with Christian and the CAS Computer Lab,  
well done. It was obvious just in my brief visit with the techs,  
parents and teachers present during last Saturday's Open House that  
the school and students have greatly benefited from the hard work of  
the volunteers.

To those who I spoke with about the Benicia LTSP project, you were  
absolutely right. We didn't (couldn't) run the graphical desktop on  
386 machines; I'm not sure where I got that from, maybe I'm just sleep  
deprived. We *did* try to use a couple 486 systems however they just  
didn't have the memory or graphics capabilities to be useful. The  
oldest systems we had functioning were white-box PIII 500Mhz   
computers with 256MB RAM which we added 3Com BOOTROM NICs. Sorry for  
the confusion.

Michael Paric

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