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jim jim at well.com
Sun Oct 11 12:05:36 PDT 2009

(continuation of previous message; my laptop clicks 
the mouse all by itself with unpredictable results). 

hiya, stoop. a lot of us in your position turn to each 
other for help. the essential steps are easy in concept: 
* analyze your data: what file formats do you have? 
what software exists on the target platform? must 
you convert some data to some other format that is 
supported on the new OS? 
* convert any data to supported formats. 
* save data to two (not one) removeable or external 
storage devices or services. 
* test that the data is correctly copied. 
* ensure you can reinstall the existing operating 
system--e.g. do you have OS installation CDs? 
* install the new operating system. 
* copy the data from external storage to the host. 
* integrate the data with the appropriate application 
   my guess is the toughest part for you is analysis. 

   here are some local resources: 

* sf-lug (us). ask for more help. you willing to have 
someone come to your house? willing to bring stuff to 
someone else's house? can you bring your machine to a 
sf-lug meeting? post more on this email list. 

* noisebridge. http://www.noisebridge.net noisebridge 
has a publicly available location on mission near 18th 
street (2169 mission). come by at 6 PM on wednesday 
evenings for the new linux discussion group. they have 
a mailing list that's _very_ active. 

* cabal. http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/ is a group that 
meets in menlo park on the second and fourth saturday 
afternoons of each month. bring your machine. they 
have a mailing list: 

* bay area linux events (BALE). 

On Sun, 2009-10-11 at 11:29 -0700, Stoop wrote: 
> Hi there folks! 
> My name's Stoop, and I'm just new to San Francisco.
> I have an old gateway pc that was transfered to linux, but it's about
> to die. now i have a new dell pc, which i'd like to turn into a linux
> and on to which i'd like to move all of the old computer files and
> docs. Im new to the city and need to find out where i should go, or
> who i should contact for such a service. when i lived in portland, i
> had a bad experience with transitioning my pc, the guy did it wrong,
> didn't move my data over and thankfully backed it up, but it was
> fairly scary. i could have lost everything.
> hopefully someone knows someone good and legit who can help me make a
> smooth transition.
> also looking into linux user classes to learn basics that I am still
> needing help with.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks for your time!
> Stoop
> 415-678-8290
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