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I've been very interested in SSH tunnelling and the ability to do the sort of thing you needed. With Grant's help I've been able to consolidate my thoughts as to how this is done. The following is the result which might be of help to you. To give credit where credit is due, Dave did get the ball rolling with his message.
Assuming that you have a computer which you can access from the outside and which has unrestricted access to the internet and that it can be reached at IP address <home>
and that you are sitting at the command line of a Kipp linux computer 
 $ ssh -D9999 christian@<home> 
Then move to the browser (Firefox) of the same Kipp computer and configure it as follows:
Edit > Prefs > Advanced > Network Connections Settings : Manual proxy config-  SOCKS Host :   localhost      Port:  9999
After that is done, your browser will do it's thing via <home> and thus effectively be out from under Kipp restrictions.
The -D option specifies a local "dynamic" application-level port forwarding and is a shortcut for the -L and -R options often seen.
I got interested in this sort of thing when faced with wanting to configure cups on a computer that was not running X-window. One of many ways of solving the problem was to use another computer and do the following:
ssh -f -L 3000:localhost:631 root at printserver-ip sleep 2d
and then pointing the browser (same machine) to http://localhost:3000
..again, to give credit where credit is due: this solution was provided to a post of mine on LinuxQuestions.org


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> >Does anyone know how to get around a
> filter? 
>  I would create an ssh tunnel to
> another GNU/Linux
> host outside the filter. If it's a *nix host you're
> connecting from, you
> just run:
>   ssh -D 9999 user at host
>   from a
> terminal then set your web browser to use localhost port
> 9999 as a SOCKS
> proxy.
>  -Dave  
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