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   the email promo below has overview information 
about LinuxCon in Portland this coming week. 

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LinuxCon  - The new technical conference for All Matters Linux
September 21-23, 2009
Portland Marriott Waterfront – Portland, OR
LinuxCon is Almost Sold Out – Register Now to Attend or Watch via Live
Video Stream
Register Here: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/component/registrationpro/?func=details&did=1

Watch it Live via Video Streaming
The following keynotes and conference sessions will be streaming live
from LinuxCon, September 21-23rd.  Keynote sessions are free to view,
and the entire conference session track is only $99.
Information and Registration:

Please view our schedule for descriptions for each of these sessions:

Regarding Clouds, Mainframes, and Desktops...and Linux
Bob Sutor, VP of Open Source and Linux, IBM

The Linux Kernel: Straight From the Source (Roundtable)
Linus Torvalds, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Chris Wright, Jonathan Corbet,
J.E.J. Bottomley, Arjan van de Ven

A Musical Guide to the Future of Linux
Joe Brockmeier, openSUSE Community Manager, Novell

Building a More Agile Web Experience While Driving Down Costs
Noah Broadwater, VP Information Services, Sesame Workshop

How to Shine in a Crowded Field
Imad Sousou, Director of the Open Source Technology Center,  Intel

Let's Get Together: Coordinated Software Releases, The Linux Ecosystem
and the Impact on the Global Marketplace
Mark Shuttleworth, CEO, Canonical

Beyond the Hype: The True Cost of Linux and Open Source (Roundtable)
Matt Asay (Alfresco and CNET Blogger), Noah Broadwater (VP Information
Services, Sesame Workshop), Anthony Roby (Executive
Director-Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Technology
Architecture, Accenture) and David Buckholtz (Vice-President of
Enterprise Technology and Quality
Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The Freedom to Collaborate
Bdale Garbee, Hewlett-Packard

Keeping Open Source Open - Keith Bergelt, CEO, OIN and Jim Zemlin,
Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

Cloud Applications - A Natural for Open Source - Bernard Golden, CEO,

Virtually Impossible? Successfully Managing the Virtual Data Center -
Javier Soltero, CEO, Hyperic

Disk wiping: A Story with a Cast of Thousands – A Cast of Thousands - Gary Smith

The Multi-Source Development Model: The Future of Linux - L. Philip
Odence, VP of Business Development, Black Duck Software

 How to Contribute to the Linux Kernel, and why it Makes Economic
Sense - J.E.J. Bottomley, Novell

Managing Compliance and Governance of Open Source in the Corporation -
John Ellis, Director, Motorola and Esteban Rockett, Senior Counsel,
OSS and Software Licensing , Motorola

Transforming Your Company with Open Source - Kartik Subbarao

 The Truth About Linux in an Economic Downturn - Ross Chevalier, CTO,
Novell Canada

Kernel Regressions and Increasing OS Noise - Christoph Lameter, Kernel

KSM: A mechanism for improving virtualization density with KVM - Chris
Wright, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.

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