[sf-lug] jobs with linux and physics (was Re: any opinions or thoughts on identi.ca?)

Rick Smith rick at rbsmith.com
Sat Sep 12 05:00:38 PDT 2009

> Oh I meant just moved to sf from virginia ;). Just graduated from uva
> and looking for web development work.  Majored in physics, but pretty
> much nil in the career options there.

Hi Kai,

Welcome to the Bay Area.

I noticed a posting on the Silicon Valley Linux User Group list
yesterday from a company founded by a number of physicists.
I mention it in case you would like to do something with physics
as well as programming (but this job listing is not about web
dev, but maybe some there for that too?).  It's in Palo Alto.
I have no affiliation with the place.

The founders page:

The job posting:

The svlug job posting mail list:

Rick Smith

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