[sf-lug] woops I am back on a reliable connection.

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Wed Aug 19 15:15:56 PDT 2009

Mikki McGee wrote:
> Bobbie Sellers wrote:
>>    Got the new adsl modem this morning
>>    and 4 Gigabytes of sodimms.
>>    All in place and faster than ever.
>>    later
>>    bliss aka Bobbie Sellers
> Hi;
>    You sound happy, so I am happy for you.  What are sodimms?  Are 
> they as salacious as they sound?

    Sodimms are memory modules for the laptop, Small Outline Dual
Integrated Memory Modules. While they do plug in to the female slots
only the system operator moans and sighs.

>    So I just got the shipping confirmation from Amazon on the Asus eee 
> 1000he, they will follow with the memory.  Actually this old slow 
> desktop is fast enough for me, but what do I know. All I want is a 
> little thing that will do ordinary things, in the library copying 
> books the information of which I need, some e-mail and on line searches.

    Whatever it takes if you can pull the cash or credit together.
>    Brad said his eeeUbuntu on the eee was faster than Unmentionable
 > 7.
	It is a safe bet that it is so.
> That  was the first I heard that there was a Unmentionable 7.  I preferred the 
> concept of unmentionable going down with the Vista, and getting 86'ed from 
> existence. But I am viciously vindictive. When that is done, and fully 
> paid for, I will try to get the HP wide screen re-screened, for about 
> $140.  That will be $120 or so for the screen, and $20 or more for 
> dinner for the fellow Bill says is good at this.  Then use the HP for 
> a desk machine and maybe giving presentations, the Asus for travel and 
> library, and the Desktop will be upgraded, Unmentionable finally off it, and 
> the latest lst Ubuntu given the whole thing (40g seem large at the 
> time?)   I can use it for for trying out BASH nonsense, and see if I 
> can like BASH.
>    They say to whisper to the gods what your plans are, and hear the 
> gods laugh.  But best not?

    Whether the gods are aware or not they will put their fingers in
your pot and spoil all your plans and flavors.

	I have corrected the mention of the Unmentionable OS from
Microsoft.  You know the one that millions of people MiSuse.

> Bless All
> Mikki

    Unmentionable Vista was supposed to be Unmentionable 7 but you
know Microsoft never makes one release when more will do just as 
So they finished off some of  the more obvious bugs and Vista was 
as Unmentionable 7.
Doesn't mean much.


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