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I bought a Netbook from Amazon.com. When I received it the OEM OS was
Windows XP Home.  I did not accept the EULA and emailed Amazon informing
them of this and requesting a refund for the software; per the instruction
in the EULA. The first response was a request to return the Netbook . . .
(A DUH!) I emailed them with a direct reference to the EULA text that states
the refund is to be issued by the vendor that sold the computer to you.
Within an hour I received an email notifying  me of the credit to my Visa
account for $75.  YEA!!!!

?  *Amazon.com Customer Service*

 to me

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I'm sorry for the problem you had with this software and I regret the
manufacturer wasn't to be of much help.

I've requested a refund of $75.00 for the software Windows XP Home to your
Visa card. You'll see the credit in the next 2 to 3 business days.

Once the refund is complete, you'll see the refund at the bottom of the
order page: ?

I am running eeebuntu on the ASUS 1000HE and it is great. I added RAM (2GB)
turned off unused services and uninstalled all the software packages I don?t

My Netbook is running lean and mean . . . battery life is excellent . . .
speed for all the task is much faster that Window 7 on my Acer Aspire laptop
(3GB ram) etc?

*WoooooHoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!*


Always think about positive affirmations before going to sleep. This spirit
guides our subconscious as we sleep and creates our reality.
Giving thanks, for that which has not happened yet, allows a spirit/life
pattern to manifest in our lives.

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