[sf-lug] how to make a usb stick bootable

jim jim at well.com
Fri Aug 14 18:00:41 PDT 2009

   we want to put linux on a usb stick. we want 
the usb stick to be bootable. 

   we used fdisk to put on these partitions: 
/dev/sdb1 bootable ext3 128MB 
/dev/sdb2 ext3 4GB 
/dev/sdb5 ext2 512MB 

   we've put no directory names on the partitions. 

# man grub-install 
says we can put grub on a device name and also 
use the --root-directory option to specify a 
directory in which we list grub images. 

   we want to have the / namespace on /dev/sdb2 
and we want the /dev/sdb1 partition to be mounted 
on the /boot mount point (specified in the root 
directory on the /dev/sdb2 partitioned. 

   we've successfully mounted the thing on /zzb1 
and /zzb2 and /zzb5 mount point directories on our 
working box. 

   we've not put any files on the usb stick, we've 
not used any installer to put any linux or other 
os on the usb stick. 

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