[sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] Linux growth

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 30 10:22:09 PDT 2009

> Question 5: Is the Linux user base
> growing fast enough?

i feel it's growing as fast as FOSS philosophy can allow.  

so 'yes'.  would be great to see linux suddenly explode into the common consciousness, but i'd have to wonder at what cost that would occur.

although it's sometimes frustrating, i do accept that part of this movement is about how we think and acquire knowledge, not so much about details like GUI or filesystems.  re-learning how to think takes a lot of time.

> What do the members of the group do to
> encourage adoption of the platform?

share.  aggressively!  ;)

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