[sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] What makes a true Linux user?

PMPope pmpope at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 16:44:04 PDT 2009

as you areDear Mr. Janne, <tigakub at mac.com>elected to study the San 
Francisco Linux Users,as you are, I am thrilled you have come to examine 
us. Yet also to put yourself to task, as we say, and you, yourself so 
aptly state:

/but to be a>  "participant-observer"

Please go here first: GNU GPL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html) & 
RTFM, as LXers must often do the same. This isn't because, poor beasts 
that we are, we have forgotten what we have read yesterday. The 
innovations distributed inside the non-proprietary & Open Source w0rld 
of LX & FSF & Mozilla (did you notice how they all seem to meld into an 
intoxicating concoction?) are far more dynamic than those of the 
corporate overlords, who bequeath updates and patches like handing out 
'Scooby snacks' (i realize I may be dating myself with that one;^).

Here is an info page: http://www.linux.org/info/

& here the Debian page: http://www.debian.org {One of my personal faves}

But don't feel like you NEED to use that one {It's an acquired taste}. 
You can use ANY distro you like: http://distrowatch.com OR get some news 
about various distros http://www.distrowatch.net

& if all of this is somehow TOO OVERWHELMING you could simply come back 
to this SF-Lug or any Lug (Worldwide) and ask for some more or different 
help, in any language you could possibly speak. We're here for ya, pal. 
This is called community.



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