[sf-lug] how to use fdisk to repartition a 1TB USB hard drive? (jim) [sf-lug Digest, Vol 41, Issue 8]

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Jim -
I suspect that the problem may be in the USB - to - actual hard disk interface. Is your "1TB USB stand-alone hard drive with a vfat file system and called itself "My Book"" a pre-packaged, "plug & pray" device, or is it a 1TB disk stuffed into a USB to PATA (or SATA) interface box?
If the former, it may be that the software (and cpu) on the "My Book" device is preventing you from doing what you want.
I took a look at WD's "My Book" web pages, and it seems like the box is designed to work with Windows & Mac, do backups, etc. This implies that there is a bunch of on-board software to talk to those systems, especially as it has  My Book Premium II Firmware Update - Mac and My Book Premium II Firmware Update - PC links.
Likely, your linux isn't actually talking to the actual hard drive, but to a virtual hard drive interface in the "My Book" box. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a linux version of the thing.
I would contact their customer support and find out what's going on. At least, get an RMA and return it to them, as it doesn't suit your needs.
If you don't mind voiding your warranty, open up the box and see what kind of actual hard disk is in it (probably a SATA drive). Take the disk out and plug it into your system and fdisk it directly.
Good luck.


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