[sf-lug] Help with mirror for Elastix

toya toya at linefeed.org
Mon Jun 8 17:00:43 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I am not sure if anyone here knows Elastix, if not this is a great
GNU/Linux distribution with user-friendly softwares for you to easily
configure an Asterix-base PBX . The distro was created in Ecuador - btw
Rafael Correia the president of Ecuador created a decree saying the use
of free software is a government and state policy, below is the
translation of his speech about free software [1].

They need help with mirrors, right now their repository server has too
much traffic and the downloads is starting to be very slow. If anyone
can help please get in touch with Rafael Bonifaz ->
rbonifaz(at)elastix.org   besides being part of Elastix community Rafael
is also part of Free Software Foundation Latin America and one of the
people responsible for introducing Richard Stallman to Rafael Correa, a
40 min meeting that made the president decide to create the decree :)))

Here is a post about the distro:

Their site:

Any help would be appreciated!  Please past this email around!

Rafael Correa Speech about Free Software:
(spanish only sorry -below is the translation)

Dear friends, the President of the Republic of Ecuador sends you
greetings. This is the hour for the integration of Latin America in all
of its aspects, including in technology and the use of information

For that reason, it is necessary that we all adopt, on a public and
private level, the use of free software. In that manner, we will
guarantee the sovereignty of our states. We will depend on our own
efforts, and not on the external forces on the region. We will be
producers of technology, and not simple consumers. We will be the owners
of the source codes, and we can develop many products that can, with
cooperation of this effort, can be very useful to public and private
companies in the region.

For that, everyone must use free software. The Ecuadoran government has
already established this as a governmental and state policy. This will
be an important step in the integration and, why not say, for the
liberation of Latin America.

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