[sf-lug] Like an Ibex trapped on ice,... Request for Assistance

PM Pope pmpope at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 14:32:25 PDT 2009

Hello SF-LUG,

Any sort of help I am able to recieve will be welcomed. I was working
happily on my ThinkPad running Intrepid Ibex and long about six months ago
my FL-inverter went out. I used a Phillips screen, I had picked up from a
junk shoppe for quite a while until,... one morning (when I was expected in
a conference call) the screen gave up the ghost {or kahput, in laymen's
terms} I then rushed out to the Goodwill, on Mission,  to purchase an
external screen (ViewSonic 14" for $25) OK,... so far so good. Yesterday,
April 11th, my ThinkPad decided it had had enough and decided not to work
for me any longer. (I check and recheck the connections and external monitor
to no avail) I believe this would be the... (motherboard?)? The ThinkPad is
being powered with an AC adaptor and the LEDs indicate that electricity is
being supplied but...DA-DA-Dum... only a black, lifeless screen. I keep a
finicky little ME box (re: slow and buggy & M$) sitting over in the corner
for emergencies such as this. I have spent the last thirty-six hours
attempting to burn and install a Live CD of Ibex on this applecrate and now
I petition you, penguinistas unite! The Ibex is trapped on the ice. Any
solutions for a fellow SF or Global LUGger will be generously accepted with
thanks and grateful prayers.


A local CD of the Intrepid (LIVE CD) (I am in SF and can pick it up)

A used, loaner note/netbook running ubuntu with hotswappable HD so I can
retrieve the ThinkPad data.

Information about HOW TO tell if this ThinkPad's motherboard is ACTUALLY

A FREE BEER whilst we discuss the nature of Springtime for Albinos

Or Light a candle and say a pray

{These are ONLY concepts. Your ingenuity may vary}

Joy to the World!

>From Sea to shining Sea...

Edge of the World Productions uSA
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