[sf-lug] About a fine article...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Apr 10 10:44:46 PDT 2009

Quoting Bobbie Sellers (bliss at sfo.com):

>   Well it was rejected again as containing spyware.

Apologies for that.  It's collateral damage from my MTA's attempts to
filter out junkmail.  The logfile entry says:

   2009-04-10 09:34:09 1LsJfz-0006QS-Mw H=sfo.com []:58423
   I=[]:25 F=<bliss at sfo.com> rejected after DATA: Message 
   body matched in /etc/exim4/eximconfig/reject/body (Potential 
   software spam URL: *spyware*.cFILLERom/net/org/info/biz/us)
                                   ^ I put filler here, to avoid 
                                     triggering my own spam filter.

Apparently your posting's body text contained a URL of that form,
which matched a filtering regex designed to to catch very common spam
whose body text features such URLs.

You might want to alter your message's text the way I do, above, and 
try again.

> A fine message which I would like to forward to my TA-ML
> and for which action I am seeking your permission.

Yes, I'd be honoured.  (Out of curiosity, what's a TA-ML?)

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