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Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Mon Apr 6 12:38:54 PDT 2009

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Bobbie Sellers (bliss at sfo.com):
>> Also too bad that someone swiped the Optical dish she had which
>> had the install for the Novell SuSe Linux.
> I'm still unclear on whether this term refers to SUSE Linux Enterprise
> Desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or OpenSUSE.
    Neither am I but that is the description she gives.  She has used it 
for a long
time apparently.
>> I spent the larger part of the meeting trying to get a driver for my
>> Farallon EtherMac PC card but no joy there.  May just go buy a modern
>> card with the drivers. 
> Yeah, no kidding.  That PCMCIA card (the "Farallon EtherMac PC Card 595a")
> is kinda ancient -- like, 1990s.  I'm guessing it's very likely a 16-bit
> card and limited to 10 kbps.

    Well I only use it with bottom tier DSL and usually have download 
speeds of 76-108 Kbs
> There _is_ a working driver.  It's called "ep".  See:
> http://hardy-manpages.uid0.hu/hardy-manpages/1356/ep.html
>> The driver diskette I have for the Farallon card as well as all the
>> drivers I have managed to download are problematic as *_Windows Install_*
>> says the .inf files are in an unexpected format.
> Sorry, but you should not normally expect to get Linux drivers, or even
> useful information about them, from hardware manufacturers' discs.  Even
> when you do, they tend to be really bad compared to community-maintained
> drivers.
    Sorry for the confusion but I am not looking for the Linux drivers.  
found the card on its initial install.  I am looking for the drivers for 
the other os
the one from those people in Redmond, as you might guess from the mention
above.  I had intended to try same thing the day before at the local hot 
but time ran out rather quickly with a lot of cooking to do so that I 
could eat.
So I have the D-Link Air Card which works under either OS with little 
from me to get online.


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