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jim jim at well.com
Sat Apr 4 09:42:12 PDT 2009

   i don't have novell's SUSE. i'm taking a chance 
and forwarding your email to the list, hoping that 
someone does have a copy. 
   to someone who has a copy and is willing to share: 
if you don't come to this sunday's meeting, and if 
you're not too far from geary and 26 (i.e. not in 
bayview), there may be someone who can come pick it 
up (and return it if need be). 

On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 21:08 -0500, jcs at techie.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone bring Norvell's Linux distribution and install it for me
> on Sunday?    In the past, I've installed a dual booth -- Linux and
> Windows. The only Linux brand that works with my Windows is from
> Norvell--somehow, the other distributions "die" after a few weeks.  
> My Windows have that last nasty virus--the taskbar disappeared!   Can
> you bring a virus scan?
> I have an old Dell X200 laptop.  The internal CD ROM on the
> Dell laptop does not work efficiently (lost bits), so I need an
> external drive for uninterrupted installation.
> Also, I understand there is a CD Rom with Linux that is directly
> bootable from the ROM drive.  Do you have an extra CD of this version?
> Many thanks,
> Joy
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