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Companies are hiring, despite everything you hear on the news, companies are definitely hiring, even the ones laying off are hiring. Intel layoffs, the next day we get a phone call from managers telling us they need to hire someone. Now companies like Frys, or other "computer shops" that rely on the Joe Blow consumer are struggling a bit more.


That being said competition is fierce, and managers are being picky. The best job searching advice I can give to a candidate is get creative, what you have done in the past will not work. Managers are getting nailed with way too many resumes than they even need and the majority are not qualified, you need to differentiate yourself from all those others and make it jump out of the stack. Candidates need to move out of their comfort zone and try some new approaches. 


I'd be more than happy to meet with you and give you tips, pointers, ideas..etc to help you in this type of market.  

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...But, does anybody know of anyone hiring? I was turned down at Fry's for Computer repair position because I didn't wear a tie. I guess that tells you something about Fry's. I can do website design or computer repair. I wouldn't mind an internship in a computer repair shop, or similar, just to get more experience. I am in Concord, which is the Bay Area's version of Siberia. Any help would be nice.

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