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Others are probably much more knowledgeable but I believe The SFLUG is hosted at  Coloserve  a serve path company. We went on a tour it seemed nice but what do I know. Im sure Jim could give you more details....

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Hi folks,

Apologies for being a bit off-topic, but many of you are knowledgeable in this realm and so I'd appreciate your input. Can anyone recommend a data centre in the Bay Area (although preferably in San Francisco)? I am looking to colocate about half a rack of equipment initially and for bandwidth in the range of 5-10 megabits. Stability is topmost concern but price is always important as well. I would appreciate both positive recommendations as well as the "avoid these guys at all costs" variety; if you'd like to email me off-list rather than complain publically, feel free.

On a related note, does anyone have an opinion positive or negative about the NTT data centres in San Jose and/or Santa Clara?


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