[sf-lug] Lessig crowd-sources Shep Fairey's legal case

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 17:07:59 PST 2009

Slightly off-topic, but close enough.  Lessig has sought the assistance of
the masses in beating the AP's claim that Shepard Fairey should be liable
for fat dollars because of his use of Mannie Garcia's picture of
then-Senator Obama.  If you so desire, you can vote on it in the Firehose


christian.einfeldt <einfeldtNO at SPAMdigitaltippingpoint.com> writes *"Stanford
law professor Larry Lessig has issued a call to the
help in assisting Shepard Fairey in Fairey's legal case against the
Associated Press arising out of the dispute over Fairey's famous poster
depicting Obama's upturned, thoughtful face, a poster that in the minds of
many defined the Obama 2008 presidential campaign. Lessig, writing on behalf
of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society (CIS), says that
the CIS team would like help finding images similar to that of Mannie
Garcia's preceding
then-Senator Obama appearing with George Clooney during the campaign.
Although Lessig is holding his cards close to his vest as to why similar
photos are being sought, commentators on Lessig's blog seem to
as more similar photos can be found, it becomes less likely that
Fairey's poster alone had any impact on the market for the Mannie Garcia's
photo; in other words, defending Fairey by spreading the "blame". But the
more entertaining question might be: can the Slashdot effect alter the
outcome of this case?"*
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