[sf-lug] ISPs that are good for Linux

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 16 01:02:02 PST 2009

Once upon a time this was a sufficiently common question asked on
the BUUG list, that someone had a web page up to essentially
answer that question.

Anyway, I recall speakeasy and rawbandwidth among the recommendations
at the time.  I use rawbandwidth and have been quite pleased with the
service.  Probably not the cheapest, but damn solid service, and very
cluefully run.

If the (prospective) ISP customer needs lots of hand-holding and
technical assistance, ... as opposed to being rather to quite
skilled with Linux (and/or Unix) - at least insofar as network
setup connecting with ISP and troubleshooting such, ... well, there
may be a lot of variation in what ISP might be best "fit" for
such an ISP customer.  I.e. best ISP for newbie running Linux
and best ISP for Linux, may be quite distinct questions with quite
distinct answers.

Oh, ... and you might want to send to lists just in plain text.
That'll save a lot of redundant cruft from piling up on the
lists and archives/servers thereof.

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> Any recommendations as to which ISPs are good for Linux in Berkeley?  I am
> helping someone with a Xubuntu box.  He is a relatively simple end user.
> Thanks in advance.
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