[sf-lug] interesting artifact re system mail configuration

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Mon Feb 2 09:35:59 PST 2009

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009, jim wrote:

>   i've complained and asked various smart people
> for help. one smart person, daniel mizyrycki,
> figured out the problem,

Yay! Just one note:

>   how to get rid of that "sill"? i looked
> through postfix config files and docs till i
> was blind. i looked through mail config and
> doc files similarly. i discovered that there's
> such a thing as an MSA (mail sumission agent,
> an interesting possibility in itself), and i
> discovered that it's difficult to find docs
> that describe the overall architecture of the
> system with respect to mail--what are the MUA,
> MSA, MTA relationships in the shipping release?

I think that our friend Rick has a page about this somewhere. (-:
>   the mail client picked up the hostname from
> the comment field in /etc/passwd for the
> current user. why i'd put the hostname (sill)
> there escapes me, but i did.

That's pretty weird of you! (-;

Anyway, "chfn" is the tool to avoid hacking /etc/passwd by hand.

-- Asheesh.

P.S. Sorry I missed you all on Sunday. )-:

Domestic happiness and faithful friends.

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