[sf-lug] building liquid cooled PCs in SF?

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
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Thomas DiZoglio wrote:
> They sell fans that make no noise for 1/2 the price of a liquid cooling system. I have run home servers and non-over clocked game machines with these fans for 24/7 and they have had no problems. If you don't overclock liquid cooling is a waste of $. But then again people have $ to waste.
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	You say that as though having money to waste is a bad
thing.  Speaking as one who has wasted money without having it
to waste I can say it a good thing to have money to waste and
that people with money to waste provide many other folks with
a good living doing things they enjoy.
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>> My primary machine is liquid cooled... I thought it was
>> pretty easy to do. That all being said If you have never
>> built your own machine or replaced parts...etc i could see
>> how it would be difficult. 
>> I don't really have a true need for it being liquid
>> cooled, my processor is not overclocked. The reason I did it
>> is I felt that most processor fans are noisy, and the pump
>> for the coolant that I bought was dead silent. On top of
>> that I have had processor chips die on me and when I had the
>> chip looked at I was told it was a heat issue. So I figured
>> I'll just liquid cool it to play it safe.
>> My machine is on 24hrs a day I play first person shooters
>> on it (yes on Linux) like Urban Terror, I rip Blu-Rays and
>> watch those while allot of other stuff is going on in the
>> background so maybe that is the stress and heat being
>> created and why I have had chips fail. But I have never
>> overclocked my processor. 
>> I don't think overclocking is a prerequisite to liquid
>> cooling a machine. If you want to do it half of the fun is
>> putting it together. It all comes down to your skill level,
>> what is it?
>> Liquid cooling your PC is like Pimp My Ride for computers
>> its not always necessary but its cool.
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>> Why do you want to do this?? I know why windows gamers want
>> too for overclocking. I suggest only doing it if you really
>> have a need for it. Overclocking effects the life of your
>> machine and voids all warranties. I have done several
>> systems in the past for windows gamers and I could help you.
>> It is very expensive to do this and if you are not
>> overclocking there is no need for liquid cooling. There are
>> other cooling options available. 
>> Also, verify that your motherboard can be overclocked
>> first. Usually only hi-end motherboards allow overclocking
>> effectively. If you do not have a real need for overclocking
>> I suggest not doing it. Are you building a Linux server that
>> needs to be overclocked? 
>> Right now, I recommend ASUS boards with the new Intel
>> Nehalem quad core CPU, Intel X58 chipset and DDR3 1600Mhz
>> support. They have a nice external USB overclocking LCD
>> device that connects to the motherboard to help
>> overclocking, though the auto mode is best. 
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>> t0md 
>> --- On Wed, 1/14/09, David Stein wrote: 
>>> From: David Stein 
>>> Subject: [sf-lug] building liquid cooled PCs in SF? 
>>> To: sf-lug at linuxmafia.com 
>>> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 12:24 PM 
>>> Hi all, 
>>> A lurker here. I'm looking for a place in SF or
>> the 
>>> area which has 
>>> experience building liquid cooled PCs. I know this is 
>>> slightly 
>>> off-topic, but I figured many sf-lug readers might be
>> into 
>>> this kind 
>>> of thing and would have advice. I have a fan cooled
>> Linux 
>>> PC right 
>>> now and would just like to drop it off with someone
>> who 
>>> could convert 
>>> it all to liquid cooled. Any advice? 
>>> Thanks, 
>>> David 

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