[sf-lug] building liquid cooled PCs in SF?

Thomas DiZoglio tomdiz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 12:46:30 PST 2009

Why do you want to do this?? I know why windows gamers want too for overclocking. I suggest only doing it if you really have a need for it.  Overclocking effects the life of your machine and voids all warranties. I have done several systems in the past for windows gamers and I could help you. It is very expensive to do this and if you are not overclocking there is no need for liquid cooling. There are other cooling options available.

Also, verify that your motherboard can be overclocked first. Usually only hi-end motherboards allow overclocking effectively. If you do not have a real need for overclocking I suggest not doing it. Are you building a Linux server that needs to be overclocked?

Right now, I recommend ASUS boards with the new Intel Nehalem quad core CPU, Intel X58 chipset and DDR3 1600Mhz support. They have a nice external USB overclocking LCD device that connects to the motherboard to help overclocking, though the auto mode is best.

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> Subject: [sf-lug] building liquid cooled PCs in SF?
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> Hi all,
> A lurker here.  I'm looking for a place in SF or the
> area which has
> experience building liquid cooled PCs.  I know this is
> slightly
> off-topic, but I figured many sf-lug readers might be into
> this kind
> of thing and would have advice.  I have a fan cooled Linux
> PC right
> now and would just like to drop it off with someone who
> could convert
> it all to liquid cooled.  Any advice?
> Thanks,
> David
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