[sf-lug] power saving on desktop with powernowd or cpufreq

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Fri Jan 2 13:26:31 PST 2009

On Fri, 2 Jan 2009, Sameer Verma wrote:

> I'm trying to get power saving going on one of my desktops.
> cat /proc/cpuinfo spits:
> sverma at i:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo

> model name	: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.60GHz

What a sad story.  Then Pentium 4 CPU has very little to recommend it, 
including in the arena of power management.

The help for the kernel's p4clockmod says how tragic a hack it is, since 
desktop P4s support so little in the way of power management.

Pentium M-based things, like the "Core Solo" or "Core 2 Duo" (or so on), 
have real power management features.  Then Pentium 4 "M"(obile) I know 
little about, but I have been taught to fear anything with "Pentium 4" in 
the name.

-- Asheesh.

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