[sf-lug] Free software talk

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Thu Dec 18 22:40:28 PST 2008

Thanks Rick, Jim, and everyone else for your comments. I was just
starting my reply when I got this last one from you, Rick. I was
thinking I'd reply quoting some of what you said and adding responses
but there's really too much. All I can say is that I will refer to this
thread before the next time I have an opportunity to talk about free

I understand there are many software licenses one could use for their
software but I'm trying to go by the FSF's definition of free software
and that doesn't include BSD. In addition I realize there are many
motivations for writing free software but I liked the idea that it was
close to music since that was most novel to me. Incidentally, that
concept actually came out of a quick thread on the FSF internal forum.
If you're a member of the FSF(I just joined), I'd encourage you to go
there and participate in their(for some reason) private forum since it's
sorely lacking in attention for an org of 7000+ members.

Finally, I didn't want to make a huge thing out of this since I only had
8 minutes to talk but it was a lot of fun. I handed out some Ubuntu CDs
and I figure taking the message to small business leaders is an
effective thing to do. I'll post an update in a week or two on any
feedback on the CDs.

Thanks again,

David Sterry
http://trygnulinux.com <--- I added a little audio intro to the site today.

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