[sf-lug] Progress at the school with Linux

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Tue Dec 2 23:28:47 PST 2008

Thanks Christian for the update on the school. It does ultimately have
to happen with people one by one. What's the best way to install Windows
after Intrepid? A virtual machine ;)

Anyway, I've been following free software on Twitter and other Microblog
sites and I'm impressed with how many people are switching, ditching
Windows, in love with Firefox, etc. I'm chiming in when people seem to
be having problems or are asking questions I can answer. It's easy to do
and only takes a few seconds. Sort of like hanging out in IRC but with
more of the general public there.

The other thing I have to add is from listening to Linux Podcasts. Chad
Wollenberg of the Linux Basement podcast is involved in Virginia with
the state government and he works for a school district there that has
converted to OpenOffice and Gmail from an MS Office and Exchange
environment. A recent Linux Link Tech Show(tllts.org) episode has him
talking about what the experience was like. Also, his project has a
website up at http://vaopenclassroom.org/ where they are trying to
provide resources for other schools and districts for swithching to free

Finally, I'm building a weekly to bi-weekly mailing list at
http://trygnulinux.com/action to help people learn about free software
through inspirational stories.

David Sterry, FSF member #7023

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