[sf-lug] (no pyclass 12/1) [PYCLASS] 12/8!

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Sun Nov 30 20:08:49 PST 2008

Bad news: I'm going to be out of town Dec. 1, when we would normally hold 
PYCLASS.  Perhaps we should have two chapters on Dec. 8?  (And I'll be 
in town for Dec 15's class, too.)

What do y'all say?  Double-up on Dec 8?  Chapters 8 and 9?

(Good news: I'm going to be giving a talk at the Python Conference, PyCon, 
in March!  I'm so excited!  The talk is called "Scrape the Web: Strategies 
for programming websites that don't expect it".)

-- Asheesh.

For courage mounteth with occasion.
 		-- William Shakespeare, "King John"

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