[sf-lug] jim unsatisfied with apt-get and adobe flash and other things

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 24 18:28:09 PST 2008

I wrote:

> Personally, I consider Adobe's code to be horrifically buggy and
> a security menace, and do my best to have nothing to do with it.

That codebase _is_ a standing joke in the Web industries, by the way.
Everyone knows that it causes more unexplained software failures,
exploded browser instances, etc., than anything else around. 

Someone I know is part of a team maintaining a partially proprietary Web
browser, and that person's work team found this humour piece -- which I
forwarded to them -- utterly hilarious:

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Well, it's available for Linux, too, so it's not that off topic. But I
think the comments on the story are the best part:

>>>> On the off-chance that someone from Adobe reads this:  I've been
>>>> interested in this idea since the presentation at the LLVM dev
>>>> meeting. I'd be interested in extending clang to use the native
>>>> ActionScript object model for Objective-C objects, and adding a
>>>> GNUstep back-end to use the native Flash drawing primitives so that
>>>> we can easily port Cocoa apps to run in a browser.  [snip]
>>> And I'd like a pony.
>> Why does everybody ask for a pony, but not a stable to keep it in,
>> or food to keep it alive?  Does pony meat taste that good?
> Because, when it's a pony from Adobe, you know that it will soon crash
> and die, and it wouldn't know what stable is anyway.

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