[sf-lug] how to configure init on ubuntu server?

Jim Cortez jim at jimcortez.com
Tue Nov 11 19:53:26 PST 2008

Does this help?

> I'm sure many of you might stumbled upon this problem when you discovered
> first hand that there is no /etc/inittab file on Ubuntu Edgy Eft or Feisty
> Fawn.
> This is deliberate because Ubuntu do not use init anymore to manage its
> services during startup or shutdown of the system. Instead it uses
> 'upstart' as replacement for the traditional sysvinit utility that is
> common to Linux-based operating system.
> All the things that you used to have in the /etc/inittab is ported to
> upstart's /etc/event.d/.
> It might take some of time to get used to the way upstart manage things in
> your computer, For example, the settings for 'tty3' is located in
> '/etc/event.d/tty3' if you need to change it's parameter, and rc scripts on
> rc*.
> Additionally You can use 'runlevel' command to determine which runlevel
> your computer is in.

I know you mentioned upstart, but...
Hope this helps,

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 7:31:05 pm jim wrote:
>    seems people who try to run ubuntu server
> 8.04 with a NIC in static mode find that the
> box loses the static IP address that was set
> in the /etc/network/interfaces file. after
> some amount of pain they find that dhclient3
> has taken over--renewing leases with the LAN
> dhcp server.
>    i've not found out where are the config
> files for dhclient3: not in /etc/init.d/ and
> not in /etc/rc?.d/ and not in some other
> seemingly obvious places. it would be nice
> to know how dhclient3 gets kicked off and
> what are its configuration files.
>    but not as nice as knowing about init on
> ubuntu server 8.04.
>    i finally ran
> # kill -15 <PID_OF_dhclient3>
> and kept checking the output of ps aux to be
> sure it that dhclient3 didn't get resurrected.
> it hasn't so far. i'm getting hopeful, which
> is generally a bad sign in my case.
>    the next time the box boots, i'm betting
> serious money that init will start up the
> dhclient3 process.
> on ubuntu server 8.04 to configure init.
>    on red hat and at&t and most other unix
> systems that file is /etc/inittab. there is
> no /etc/inittab on ubuntu server 8.04.
>    i have googled, i have asked ubuntu server
> heaviweights, i have asked skilled web admins
> and coders and the dry cleaner's kid and the
> dog. nobody gives me a clear answer. i get
> lots of answers such as "use upstart" or
> see man (5) interfaces or some such.
> on ubuntu server 8.04 to configure init.
>    do any of you know?
>    (as an aside, i am amazed it's so difficult
> to get basic information on a part of the
> system that is so fundamental.)
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