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I don't anticipate much interest here on this list, but I thought I would
give it a shot, in case someone else would like to go to this event to try
to get people to install FOSS apps like OpenOffice.org on Microsoft
Windows.  I told the organizer of this event that I would not go, because
Free Open Source Software is not mentioned in the flier, and so it doesn't
really pertain to us at all.  But I know that some people like to spread
FOSS on Microsoft Windows, hence I am posting it to this list.


In 2006, the City of San Francisco and a group of volunteers installed
a wireless Internet system and a computer lab at Alice Griffith
housing development in Bayview. Donated computers were also
distributed to the families of students at Bret Harte Elementary
School and volunteers have been providing basic computer training on
Saturday mornings.

So some residents are becoming more proficient with computers, but
there are still many residents who do not use the computer lab or the
wireless Internet access.

We are working with the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center to create a
Computer Help Day on Saturday, November 15 from 10am to 3pm to inspire
residents to use the computer lab and the Internet. In addition, some
of the residents may have computers that are not working well.

Therefore, we are recruiting volunteers who can help with basic
computer problem diagnosis and Internet skills tutoring. There are
eight computers in the lab and I have nine to set up in the Community
Room at the Center. If you want to help with computer repair, you will
need to bring your own tools and software.

You can learn more about the event and register to volunteer at
www.SFConnect.org <http://www.sfconnect.org/>.
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