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jim jim at well.com
Wed Nov 5 15:21:16 PST 2008

OpenStreetMap will be hosting an event in Oakland this 


RSVP here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1320644 

OpenStreetMap is an open source project to collaboratively 
map the entire world. It can be considered a sort of 
wikipedia for maps.  It is essentially a source of Free 
GeoData. There are over 70,000 participants in 
OpenStreetMap worldwide, and we are working to increase 
participation here in the US.

Participants collect information to put on the map 
(cycle / hiking trails, natural features, historic plaques, 
museums, other points of interest). They then upload the 
information to our online map. They can also correct data 
they see that is incorrect, as well as utilize the data 
in many unique ways. Currently the map is being used to 
create bike maps, route maps, on GPS units and in many 
other capacities.

Please visit our website at http://openstreetmap.org 
to learn more. 

The Bay Area community ambassador for OpenStreetmap would 
like to discuss the possibility of attending/speaking at 
one of your meetings.

Sarah Manley
Open Street Map Community Ambassador
Sarah at cloudmade.com

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