[sf-lug] Has Linux outgrown Unix?

jim jim at well.com
Wed Oct 15 16:48:04 PDT 2008

   this seems to me something along the lines of 
a poorly framed question or tho't. 
   the essential features of the kernel remain 
the same, tho' the linux kernel is much extended 
beyond the late-model AT&T Unix kernel. the 
design was and is fundamentally robust and 
   Likewise, the command toolkit is essentially 
the same, tho' much extended. And the graphical 
interface is and was X-based, tho' much improved 
over time. 
   that linux users can do multimedia is a 
similar incremental improvement over olde 
tyme unix capabilities. laser printers were 
used on unix systems in the 1970s. there 
were client-server systems back then (tho' 
no web servers). 
   the "gee whiz" factor has changed over the 
last three or four decades, but largely in that 
there are so many individual users managing 
complete systems. 
   the prof's claim brings to mind bloatware: 
some systems support huge numbers of features. 
still, there are people today who compile 
absolutely every piece of software they run 
and who run only the software they need on 
very lean systems reminiscent of those of the 
70s and early 80s. 
   don't pay the comment no mind. 

On Wed, 2008-10-15 at 13:50 -0700, mendozae at sonoma.edu wrote:
> A computer science instructor at SSU told me the Linux has become so
> strong and versatile that it has outgrown its parent OS, Unix.
> Is there anyone here who concurs or is this assertion laughable?
> Thanks,
> Edward
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